Salchichon De Bellota

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Salchichon De Bellota (Black Label) – 100g

Acorn-Fed Salchichon – The finest you’ll ever taste!

While Salchichon’s production is very similar to that of the Chorizo, this sausage has been cured with salt, garlic and smoke. The difference can be found in the light pink colour which is spotted with whole black peppercorns, and a rich salty taste. Although Salchichon is a lesser-known cured meat it is a house favourite here and we love its savoury flavour on its own, or between two crunchy pieces of bread. This Salchichon has been produced using the meat from the acorn-fed black iberian pig- there is no other Salchichon like it.

This packet of Black Label Salchichon de Bellota is sourced from Valle de los Pedroches, Cordoba who represent one of the finest producers of Salchichon from spain.

Each packet contains 100gs of Salchichon.


Storage & Instructions

This Salchichon is vacuum-packed to preserve and protect the meat so that it will come out beautifully fresh and flavourful. There is no need to refrigerate the Salchichon, but keep it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened you may refrigerate and consume within 10 days.

Do not freeze your Salchichon!

Before enjoying your Salchichon De Bellota, you should warm the meat up to get the fats and flavours flowing. Run the packet under warm water for 30 or so seconds, and move the packet to break apart the slices. Once opened, leave the slices to rest in the open for 10 minutes to allow the meat to breathe, soften and regain its rich, salty flavours.


How to Eat?

You may eat Salchichon de Bellota on its own, but we would suggest making a bocadillo. Blend one tomato, extra virgin olive oil and salt into a paste. Toast your fresh bread and spread the tomato before laying the Salchichon on top. Enjoy!



Jamon Iberico De Bellota, salt, garlic, herbs & spices.


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