Paleta Iberica, is known in the UK as Iberico Ham Shoulder. The shoulder is the first of two cuts from the pig; the Shoulder is the smaller front leg, while the Jamon Iberico is the hind leg; each have their own unique flavour profile, texture and aroma. The Paleta Iberica, or the Iberico Ham shoulder is the smaller leg of the animal and also has a lower percentage of fat – the Paleta Iberica fat percentage can be between 40% and 50% which means each leg has a higher yield of meat- which is chewier and lasts linger in the mouth. This gives the Iberico Ham shoulder its intensity. Due to the size, the paleta is much less expensive than the Jamon, and takes less time to cure. 

Would You Like to Become an Iberico Ham Wholesaler in the UK? Whether you own your own online shop, own a tapas or Spanish restaurant we will be able to provide you with Jamon iberico at wholesale prices. We are able to source Jamon from the finest producers of Jamon in Spain and have built relationships which allow us to offer Iberico Ham wholesale in the UK at prices similar to those in Spain. 

What Iberico Ham We offer Wholesale in The UK?

  • Whole Iberico Jamon Legs
  • Hand Sliced Jamon
  • Spanish Cured Meats
  • Wholesale Prices

Due to our relationship with suppliers, we are able to offer a wide range of Iberian meats at wholesale prices. We are able to source whole Green, Black & Red label Iberico Legs and Paleta Iberica straight from the curing kiln. These whole legs are a perfect as a centerpiece and on display. The head turning power of a whole Jamon in the window or being sliced is unbelievable. 

If a whole leg is too much to handle, our Jamon can be expertly hand carved by a master cutter and vacuum packed ready for you, or your customer, to unpack. The already hand carved Iberico Ham wholesale prices may be slightly higher, but this offers longevity of the meats, and convenience for you and your customers. Plus, we only give you the best bits ready for plating perfection.  

Finally, we also offer a wide selection of cured meats like Iberico Chorizo and Salchichon. We may be able to source Lomo and Lomito however, the are prized and we often cannot get these meats as regularly as we would like. In saying that, if this is what you need – let us know and we can advise whether we have it in stock for you. 


Buy Iberico Ham Wholesale UK 

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