Hand Carved Lomo De Bellota – 100g

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Hand Carved Lomo De Bellota -100g

Soft, Chewy & Unforgettable


Lomo a house favourite here at IbericoJamon.The Lomo is cut from just under the pig’s ribs and is a fantastically delicate, flavoursome and intense meat. The preparation of the meat is purposely simple and the cut as been practically untouched to ensure the succulent flavour of the pork is the star. Although the Lomo is slightly tougher than the Lomito, it offers a more intense experience. What we are offering you is nothing but the best; this is the acorn-fed Lomo De Bellota which has been sourced from the finest Iberian Black pigs- the difference can be seen in the marbled fat, a lesser Lomo does not have this rippling of flavour. The Lomo has been lightly seasoned and cured with Salt, pepper, lemon, garlic, oregano and the majestic Spanish Olive Oil.

This is a truly unforgettable treat.


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