Hand Sliced Iberico Ham (Green Label) – 100 grams

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  • 100% Natural
  • Lactose-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Shipped from the UK
  • Produced with love in Espania!


Hand Sliced Iberico Ham (Hind Leg)

Jamon Iberico de Campo – Green Label (Jabugo)


Iberico Ham or Jamon Iberico as it is known in Spanish is the hind leg of the animal and is known for its delicate, rich and nuanced flavours. When compared with the shoulder (Patella Iberica) the back leg has much less intermuscular fat which gives the Jamon its mature and subtle nutty sweetness. This Jamon is to be savoured on its own.

This Jamon has been classified with a Green Label which means that the animal is 100% bred Black Iberian pig which has been fed a mixture of acorns and grain. The flavours are saltier and more intense than the black label, which is thanks to a chewier texture (not quite ‘melt in your mouth’). You should still expect an oily, delicious nutty fat but you may anticipate that the flavours are not quite as pronounced.


  • Hind Leg – Green Label (Jamon Iberico Cebo De Campo)
  • Diet of acorns and grain to give the famous young, chewy flavour.
  • Cured for 36 Months Plus
  • 100% Organic & Free Range (Minumum of 60 days in the field and in a minimum area of 100m2)
  • Each Packet Contains 100gs of Perfect Hand Sliced Iberico Jamon



There is an art to ensuring that your hand-sliced Jamon is perfect every time. The vacuum packing process can make the meat harder than if it were freshly sliced from a leg, so an incorrect preparation may result in a poorer experience.

In our experience, it is best to warm the packet with warm tap water up to 60 seconds (in the winter especially). You’re looking for the fats to loosen and start to turn translucent. Dry off the packet and open fully and allow the meat to rest for another 5 – 10 minutes to allow the fats to settle, and the meat to separate naturally.

Now, it is time to enjoy!


Hand Sliced Jamon

This packet contains 100gs of premium, hand-sliced Jamon, which has been painstakingly sliced by experts in Spain.

Why does hand-slicing the Jamon make a difference? Each slice is sliced by hand to ensure that each mouthful contains the perfect ratio of fat to chewy meat. There is no other way to ensure this than an expert slicing a leg by hand.

A secondary benefit is that the hard work has been done. All you need to do is open the packet and enjoy!



Keep the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The Jamon can last for up to 6 months (or as directed by consumption by date on the packet). Consume within 2 weeks once opened. Place Jamon in fridge once opened.



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  1. Mark & Mavis

    We really, really enjoyed this sliced ham!
    Mark & Mavis

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