Whole Acorn Fed Black Label Iberico Ham Leg


Whole Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham Leg

Jamon Iberico de Bellota (Black Label)


The best of the very best. This Black Label Jamon Iberico leg is one of the finest we have ever sampled.

As a 100% black label (Pata Negra) acorn-fed Iberico ham, the animal has been produced with the highest standard of breeding, with an acorn diet and plenty of exercise out in the Dehesa. The land surrounding Extremadura is rich with Holm oaks, cork oaks and miles of grassland rich with aromatic herbs where the pigs roam.

The quality raising of the pig has ensured a delicate, luxurious and elegant flavour profile. Black Label Jamon is rich and nuanced with a light nutty flavour with a ‘melt in your mouth’ fat with the qualities of a smooth fragrant fine Spanish olive oil. The stunning smooth silky fat works perfectly with the rich and nutty Jamon aromas.

The whole Jamon’s average weight is 5 Kg. The finest ones are cured for over 36 months and that provides an exquisite and complex flavour.


  • 100% Natural
  • Back Leg – Black Label (Iberico Jamon De Bellota)
  • Diet of Pure Acorns to give the famous Black Label Flavour
  • Cured for 36 Months
  • 100% Organic & Free Range (minimum of 60 days in the field and in a minimum area of 100m2)


How Much Fat is on a Ham’s Shoulder?

Before you purchase a whole Iberico ham leg we thought we would share some of the lesser-known actualities. To look at a whole leg in its entirety, it is easy to overlook the fact that most of the weighted leg is made up of fat and bone. The ham shoulder is usually split into 60% of fat and bone, and 40% edible yield. While you should expect some variation between legs, you should expect to get between 1.5kg- 2kg of perfect ham slices if the leg is properly carved.

Many who open a leg for the first time may be surprised by the high percentage of fat. If you’d rather purchase 100% pure edible meat, then we’d recommend a hand-carved alternative.



When your ham arrives, you can remove the packaging and ensure that the leg is kept at room temperature.

The Jamon can last for a long time without it being opened (either hung or stored in a cool dry cupboard or pantry). Once opened, you should consume the whole Jamon within 40-50 days, and cover the exposed meat with a cheesecloth, or clingfilm. This top layer will become dry, so carefully slice off and dispose before enjoying the rest of the meat.



Iberian shoulder, salt


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