Boneless Iberico Jamon De Bellota (2.5kg)

£194.50 Including VAT

  • 100% Natural
  • Lactose-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Shipped from the UK
  • Produced with love in Espania!


Presenting a Boneless Acorn Fed Iberico Ham Shoulder sourced from Andalucia, Spain—an exquisite centerpiece or a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones. Unveiling this exceptional ham on special occasions marks the enjoyment of one of the world’s finest. The black label Ham Shoulder is derived from a 100% Iberian pig, making it the pinnacle of ham shoulders globally, earning the esteemed Pata Negra title.

With an average weight of 2.5 kg, this deboned shoulder undergoes a meticulous 24-month curing process, resulting in an exquisite and intense flavor, given its proximity to the bone compared to Jamon (Back Legs). A cherished choice in Spanish kitchens!

This FREE RANGE BONELESS 100% IBERICO HAM Shoulder de BELLOTA PATA NEGRA hails from Andalusia, Spain, naturally raised in Dehesas—a unique landscape abundant in oak trees that provide the beloved acorns for Iberico Pigs. Sourced directly from the producer, this Iberico Ham Shoulder de Bellota boasts a Black Label, signifying 100% natural authenticity. Cured for a minimum of 18 months, its weight is 2.5 kg. The ingredients are simple: 100% Iberico Ham Shoulder and Sea Salt, completely natural. TASTING NOTES reveal an intense aroma and nuanced flavors, with a delicately seasoned hint of saltiness and a slightly smoked profile—an unforgettable culinary experience. Free shipping to the UK is included.


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