How To Serve Iberico & Serrano Ham?

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There are countless ways that you can serve Iberico or Serrano ham. If you have searched for inspiration before finding this post you will have seen some of the most amazing Jamon roses and displays. In saying this, no matter how elaborate or clever you want to to get with the presentation, there are a couple of simple rules to follow; and every one is to savor those amazing flavors. 


Vacuum Packed Jamon

If you are most people, a whole Iberico or Serrano ham leg may seem a little bit daunting. So you are likely to buy a couple of hand carved packets. Generally, these packets are vacumm packed and have been sealed away from oxygen. While this preserves the meat, often the packet is kept in a called place and needs some love to get all the fats and flavors rolling. 

When you open the packet, the Jamon sticks to itself and seems a bit stiff and can be flavorless. There is one way to fix this and get the very most out of the best cured meat in the world. 

There are two steps to this:

  • Run your packet of Jamon under warm running water for 30 seconds, or place the packet in warm water for a minute. This will get all the beautiful fats and flavors loosened up.
  • Slice open the packet and remove the plate that the Jamon is placed on. Leave this out at room temperature for up to 15 minutes before serving. This alows the Jamon to naturally separate and oxidizes the meat to give the flavors an added kick. 


Whole Jamon

The whole Jamon Serrano or Iberico is a wonderful centerpiece for any occasion. Whether you bought one for a birthday, for Christmas, or work party, having a whole Jamon is sure to wow your guests. 

A whole Jamon can seem a little daunting so be sure to learn how best to cut the ham and make sure to practice a little. The ham is best freshly sliced right onto the plate. The slices should be about 2 inches long and as wide as possible. You should also have a good ratio of fat for that creamy flavor.