Why Do the Spanish Eat Jamon at Christmas?

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Iberico Ham for Christmas

Yes, it is coming to that time of year again (if you’re reading this in July, Christmas will be with you sooner than you may think). During the dark and cold winter months, Christmas and New Years are something to look forward to. While Spain doesn’t get as cold as the UK, the Spanish people share many of the same traditions as we do. 

Christmas and new years is a time for family and indulgence. It is a time to share with loved ones, eat comfort food and celebrate with a tipple or two. It is the time of the year to spoil yourself, share gifts and spend time with loved ones so that the weather outside doesn’t seem so miserable. A big tradition in Spain is to buy and Iberico Ham for Christmas and that may seem strange to many people in the UK but it is something we feel should be more wide spread: so, why do the Spanish Eat Iberico & Serrano ham at Christmas? 

Why do the Spanish Eat Jamon at Christmas?

It’s a treat!

A big tradition in Spain is to get a Serrano & Iberico Ham for Christmas; whether that is to share with friends and family on the day itself, or to share as a gift. An Iberico Ham for Christmas is a real treat and helps to mark the special day with indulgence and luxury. Also, the ham is bought as an aesthetic center-piece for the table. The whole leg is an impressive food to have at your Christmas party or gathering- not only that, it will be one of the best tasting foodstuff you’ll eat during the day.

Tradition & Religion

Iberico Jamon and Christianity are closely tied together. Hundreds of years ago the Iberian Peninsula was part of the Ottoman Empire; and was ruled by a predominantly Muslim culture. The consumption of Jamon was considered a sign of rebellion and a celebration of the Christian faith in Spain during this time and as a result, the tradition of Iberico ham for Christmas has continued.

It travels well

If you’re like most Spanish families and you enjoy a walk on a cold Christmas morning, then jamon is a great food to take with you. It travels well and can last in a plastic container for several days – so even if you have your jamon on Christmas day, you could take it with you on your walk on Boxing Day,

Easy to Share

These days, the festive period is about sharing gifts, spending time with loved ones and showing those around you how much you love them. To share our love, we like to give gifts or give people food we know they will love. Jamon is the ideal sharing food; it tastes amazing and can be thinly sliced so that it can be shared and enjoyed by a large group of people. A bite of Jamon is the only way to show your love at Christmas!

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