How To Store Iberico Ham

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How To Store Iberico Ham/Serrano

Are you wondering How to Store Iberico ham? Well, You’re in the right place. Iberico ham is an easy thing to store if you have the space or the right equipment. 

How to Store A Whole Iberico Ham Leg? 

Hang it! 

When you buy your whole iberico ham leg, you’ll notice that the hoof usually comes with a rope attached. This is for hanging the Jamon. When the Jamon is produced it is hung by this rope, so to store it do exactly the same thing. Most commonly the Jamon is hung in the kitchen or pantry. This is a great way to store the whole iberico leg before you open it.

A Ham Holder

Another common way to store the whole Jamon is with a ham holder. Rather than hanging the jamon upright, it can be stored on a Ham stand/holder. A Ham Holder is what is used to keep the Jamon stable while it is being sliced. The ham holder is the ideal way to store the whole Iberico ham leg once it has been opened. Feel free to keep the Jamon in a cool dry place, like a pantry, and cover with clingfilm, or a cheese cloth. 

How to store Vacuum Packed Jamon?

Vacuum Packed Jamon is the easiest way to keep you Jamon preserved and out of the way. The Vacuum Packed Jamon will last for up to 90 days and will remain as delicate and flavorsome as the day it was sliced long.

1. Keep in a dry and dark place

First rule of how to store vacuum packed Jamon is to keep it in a cool dry place. Keep you Jamon away from direct sunlight. A cupboard will be perfectly fine to store your vacuum packed Jamon.

2. Should refrigerate my Jamon?

No, you don’t need to keep it in the fridge – it won’t do the Jamon any harm but it could mean that when it is opened, you cannot appreciate all of the flavors. Once it is opened, you may feel more comfortable to do so, but as long as it is eaten within a week you will be fine. I don’t think it would last a week once opened anyway- it’s too delicious to leave!

3. Do not freeze!

DO NOT FREEZE! This will damage the jamon and ruin it. So do not store your vacuum packed Jamon in the freezer. 

Can you freeze serrano ham? 

We are often asked, Can you freeze Serrano ham? Much like Iberico ham, Serrano is a cured meat and doesn’t need to be frozen. This may actually ruin your ham! If you need the need, you may refrigerate it however, we do not suggest that you free either your Iberico, or Serrano hams!