What Can You Do With Your Jamon Bone?

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So You’ve Finished With Your Jamon Bone?

So you have finished with all the meat on your Jamon leg (Iberico or Serrano)? You have sliced everything you can off and enjoyed every second of it. So now what? What do you do with the bone? 

Believe it or not, the bone is a very useful for a number of things so don’t let it go to waste!

Bone Broth or Jamon Bone Soup

The most common way that you can use your Iberico Ham bone is to create Jamon bone soup or broth. The Jamon bone gives a fantastic rich flavour to any soup or broth. For best results, think of ingredients that go fantastically with ham. Think of a pea and ham soup for instance. To make the soup, or broth.

Fry 2 whole onions, a whole garlic, 6-10 tomatoes and some spices spices with olive oil. Let the mixture render and caramelize at the bottom of a large pan.

For best results, you need to cut your bone up. Be very careful at this point, but bend the bone at the joints and cut away to break the Jamon bone into 3 parts. Add your Jamon bones to the mix (hoof sticking out of the pot) and add as much water into the pot as you can. Boil for 1.5/2 hours before removing the bones and adding the 3 cups of peas and allowing to boil for another hour or so- there you have a fantastic Jamon bone soup. Perfect for the winter months and making the most of the finest ham bones on earth!

Ham Stock

Just like the above, you can make some fantastic Jamon stock with your ham bones that can be added to almost anything. Simply add water to a large pot and put the bones in the water (add onion and garlic as you like). Boil until the water reduces and you’re left with a slightly thicker red/brown liquid. Allow this liquid to cool and put into small containers. Once cooled, put in the fridge. Now you can add this solidified Jamon Stock to any dish you would like. 

Give It To Tour Dog or Pet

Want not, waste not! Do you have a special fury friend that would love to chew on a big bone filled with flavor and rich fatty (good fatty) goodness. We all know that giving your dog a bone can help with the health of their teeth and gums, and the nutrients in the bones can give them a great source of healthy substance. Why not give the ham bone to your dog and let them chew to their heats content!