How Long Does Iberico Ham Last & Should You Freeze Iberico Ham?

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How Long Does Iberico Ham Last? 

Cured meats have been specifically produced to be edible for a long time. The curation process was used to preserve the pork for generations before anybody had invented a fridge or freezer. Jamon Iberico is not unique in the fact that it is edible for much longer than you would imagine. 

To cure the Jamon, it is stored to dry in salt, and then hung for up to three years. In this time the meat it exposed to bacteria and molds with both preserve the meats and creates the nuanced flavors that we love and cherish. 

How Long Does Vaccum Packed Iberico Ham Last?

One of the most common ways in which you can find hand sliced Iberico ham is in a vacuum packed seal. The Vaccum packages removes the meats contact to oxygen and significantly increases the time in which Iberico Ham can be stored. This is one of the best ways to preserve the meat and maintain all of the delicate flavors. As long as you have not opened the packet, the Iberico Ham will last up to 100 days with ease. At this point however, the Jamon may not be as beautifully rich or delicate as it should be. Whats more, you do not need to store the vaccum packed Iberico ham in the fridge as it is perfectly preserved in its packet. 

Once the packet is opened, may feel more comfortable putting the Jamon into the fridge but it isn’t necessary. As long as the meat is covered, it should last up to a week or so before loosing its quality. If you do opt to keeping you ham in a cold place, ensure to leave it out for a little while so that it can return to room temperature.

This is exactly the same for Serrano Ham too!

How Long does a Whole Iberico Leg Last? 

whole Iberico leg will not last as long as vacuum packed iberico ham but it does last much longer that you’d expect. A whole leg is easily kept hung, or put into a holder for up to 3 months. As long as the Jamon is not cut, the outer layer will protect the meat inside. Once you have opened the leg, the Jamon will last up to a month as long as you cover the exposed Jamon with clingfilm/ a cheese cloth and if you slice it regularly. 

Can You Freeze Iberico Ham?

No, don’t do that! Iberico Ham, and Serrano Ham should not be frozen. The reason for this is due to what happens to the ham when it freezes. The freezing process damages the meat and destroys the textures and flavors which have been worked so hard for. It would be a complete waste of all that hard work, generations of refining the curation process and the money you have just spent on it. There isn’t really any need to freeze the Iberico ham because it lasts so long in its vacuum pack anyway; It won’t last that long once you get a taste of it.